One problem with traditional bathtubs is that the elderly and people with mobility issues find it difficult to use. The potential for a mishap is too great. Walk-in bathtubs are an easy and convenient solution to this problem, with a special design that allows for easy access from the side.


Most retirement communities and senior living centers worldwide have adopted the use of walk-in tubs. If you have loved ones who would benefit from being able to bathe privately and independently, then a walk-in tub in Grand Rapids, MI, should be on top of your list.

How Walk-In Tubs Work

Walk-in bathtubs are equipped with a door that allows the user to walk straight into the tub, unlike traditional tubs. Most walk-in tubs are shaped so that users can position themselves in a sitting position. This allows users to easily maneuver from a wheelchair into the tub and back. This also prevents users who can’t support themselves up from being accidentally submerged in water.

The door is designed to create a full seal that prevents flooding in the bathroom. Since it requires a precise seal, professional installation is a must.

Benefits and Features of Walk-In Tubs

Many homeowners include walk-in tubs on their bathroom remodeling in Grand Rapids, MI, because of the anti-slip design and accoutrements. The textured pads, handrails, and the seat design all help keep users heads above the water. At Rainbow Bath and Shower, our tubs have a slip-resistant surface. In addition, they are made from non-porous acrylic, assuring you of long-lasting performance and looks.

Sliding shower doors are a common cause of bathroom accidents. These are sometimes used by users to lean on for balance, causing the shower doors to collapse. Walk-in tubs eliminate this need. Rainbow Bath and Shower offers tub with several custom options and accessories, including grab bars and soap dishes.

Our walk-in bathtubs in Grand Rapids, MI, come in different colors, styles, and sizes. If you would like to know more about walk-in tubs or other bathroom remodel services, call Rainbow Bath and Shower at (616) 226-8599 or fill out our contact form.