We make shower remodeling easy. Easy to choose your own beautiful aesthetics and features; easy to schedule our factory-trained technicians to install your new shower in about a day; easy to maintain a scrub-free durable shower guaranteed not to chip, crack, peel, stain, or fade over time. We’ve got ease of access in several configurations.

  • No Threshold (Barrier Free)
  • Low Threshold
  • Bath-To-Shower Conversions
  • And Even Walk-In Tubs
  • Installation In Just One day!

No Threshold Shower Bathroom Remodel

No Threshold

Unlike older showers, tubs, and even low threshold showers, a no-threshold shower is ledge-free and is extremely safe to navigate in and out of. The benefit of a no-threshold shower is just that. There is no threshold. With no ledge to step over, access in and out of the shower has never been easier.

Being the same level as the floor also means that no threshold showers are the right choice for those who need assistance from a wheelchair or walker. No threshold showers are also easy to maintain because there is no tub to clean.

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Low Threshold Shower Bathroom Remodel

Low Threshold

More often than not, older showers and bathtubs have a wall that you to have step over, which can be hazardous. If you or someone you know is need of a safer, and simpler way to get in and out of their shower low threshold showers are a good bet. Low threshold showers don’t come with the large wall.

They require minimal clearance from the floor allowing easy access to and from the shower. In addition to being much easier to get in and out of, low threshold showers simply look better than an older traditional shower.

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No Threshold Shower Bathroom Remodel

Tub to Shower Conversion

There’s no need to still have that old, dirty, unused bathtub in your bathroom. With a tub to shower conversion from Rainbow Bath and Shower, we can turn that bathtub into a beautiful new shower. Fully customizable, our tub to shower conversions can feature almost any material, patterns, and colors.

Choose as many accessories as you’d like. Soap dishes, grab bars, caddies, even seats are available with a tub to shower conversion from Rainbow.

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We install bath and shower products that are 100% non-porous acrylic that provides you with a relaxing spa-like experience without any more scrubbing of your tub or shower again.

This durable material is guaranteed not to chip, crack, peel, stain or fade over time – and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Anti-Microbial, Warranty, Scrub-Free, Durable, Barrier-Free


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