Our Tub to Shower Conversion

When you’re tired of the old and dingy bathing space inside your home, the time might be right for some bathroom remodeling. This home improvement project will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience in a lovelier setting. And one of the things you can focus on is transforming your old tub into something better.

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For your bath remodel in Grand Rapids, MI, Rainbow Bath & Shower suggests converting your cramped bathtub into a spacious shower. With our expert team, we’ll help you use this option to improve your bathroom.

How This Works

All you need to do is call our number or request a quote by filling out our form. Our expert team will visit your home at a convenient time and take precise measurements of your current bathtub. When we revisit your home for the installation, we’ll carefully remove all plumbing fixtures, accessories, and your bathtub. We’ll then clean all surfaces with anti-microbial cleaning fluid and install your custom fabricated shower basin that features an exclusive SureStep design.

We’ll then put in a shower wallboard to cover the wood stud, and our triple lock seals at each corner. We’ll apply an exclusive taping system to your existing walls, with sealant on every surface to ensure that your custom fabricated walls won’t pull away. Once they’re in place, we’ll install your plumbing fixtures, comfort seat, and the personal custom options you ordered.

How This Benefits You

Considering tub to shower conversion for your bath remodel in Traverse City, MI can greatly enhance the look and feel of your space while also increasing its functionality. We use only the highest shower and bath products for this option. These are made of durable, non-porous acrylic that will not crack, peel, or chip over time. They also have a slip-resistant surface that prevents slip or fall accidents for added safety. We infuse this with Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection to resist mold, mildew, and the growth of bacteria. It’s also very easy to clean, and comes available in several lovely colors.

Choose Rainbow Bath & Shower for your bath remodeling needs. Call us today at (888) 775-1888 for a free estimate.


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