Make Your Bathtub Beautiful with Our Bathwraps

We can make your bathroom more functional and attractive by installing our quality bathwraps. Bathwraps are a quick and effective way to restore your bathtub to pristine condition. They also allow you to install several useful accessories for increased accessibility. Bathwraps are a cost-effective alternative to a full bathroom remodel. Rainbow Bath & Shower explains more.

Elegant Bathtub

What are bathwraps?
Bathwraps or bathtub liners are thin linings made of premium acrylic that we can install over existing bathtub fittings. Bathwraps are an excellent project for a bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, MI, because it is affordable, quick, and effective. As an expert bathroom remodeler, we will measure your existing bathtub and install a perfectly fitted bathwrap. This will make your bathtub more beautiful and increase its durability.

Unlike a full bathroom remodel, bathwrap installation doesn’t require a new bathtub or new tile. Instead, it completely covers your current bathtub, removing any trace of cosmetic damage. This saves a significant amount of time and cost. You’ll no longer need to worry about tile removal and installation, plumbing, and an extensive installation project. We just need to install our bathwraps and your bathtub will look good as new in as little as one day.

What are the benefits of bathwraps?
As the expert in bath remodeling in Grand Rapids, MI, we recommend installing a bathwrap for several reasons. Our bathwraps feature durable and high quality acrylic. Acrylic is a non-porous material, meaning it is water-resistant. It is also stain and slip-resistant. Moreover, it won’t chip, crack, fade, or peel. In addition, our bathwraps feature Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection. This prevents bacteria from growing our reproducing.

Our bathwraps are also custom-manufactured. This means they will fit your bathtub perfectly, reducing installation time, along with the chances of leaks and water infiltration. You can also choose from several accessories that come together with your bathwrap. They include soap dishes, corner caddies, tower caddies, safety grab bears, corner seats, and foot pedestals. The variety of features, colors, and designs available makes it easy for us to provide the perfect bathwrap for your needs.

Our bathwraps will make your bathroom a more beautiful and comfortable place. Since they come in many colors and designs, we can install one that matches your existing bathroom. Rainbow Bath & Shower has more than 20 years of professional experience, so your bathwrap installation is in great hands. Give us a call to learn more about bathwraps, or to request a quote.


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