Four Accessories to Transform Your Bathroom

Homeowners know that when it comes to enhancing a room, all you need are great accessories. As it’s one of the rooms in the house you’ll use frequently, your bathroom is no exception. You’d want to make this room as lovely and comfortable as possible.


Rainbow Bath & Shower, your premier bathroom contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, shares how you can make every bathroom break a joy with these four enhancements.

  • Bathroom Fittings

You’ll have to put your towels somewhere, so why not invest in towel bars? Place this classy option close to the bath area for easy access. If you prefer a towel rack, make sure to get a set that is both decorative and functional. The essential thing about getting bathroom fittings is to choose an all-season design.

  • Bathroom Mirror

A large, bathroom mirror is a definite must-have. Placement is important, though, so put the mirror right above the washbasin and below bathroom lights. This will provide you with a spotless view. If you want a clever, multipurpose storage idea, fit your bathroom cabinets with a mirror. You can also give your bathroom an edgy look if you pick mirrors in fancy shapes.

  • Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware includes toilet paper holder, dustbin, toilet seat, and bathroom spray. These ensure a more convenient and hygienic bathroom experience. Once again, placement is important with these accessories. For instance, you can have your soap case and toilet paper holder fitted on the wall, within easy reach of the toilet and the dustbin. It’s also more convenient to have your shampoo rack and soap case close to the bath area. For hygienic purposes, invest in a dustbin and a suitable grating system in to drain all the water after a shower.

  • Bathroom Decoration

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look spartan. Get charming curtains for your bath area to make the space more appealing and interesting. To brighten up your bathroom, you can also use tiles with eye-catching patterns, or add small plants and candles.

Rainbow Bath & Shower is the premier company homeowners trust for a quality bath remodel in Rockford, MI. We specialize in renovating baths and showers into more functional and safer spaces, without sacrificing aesthetics. Our licensed and insured professionals will also make sure that your bathroom renovation projects goes smoothly from start to finish.

You’ll also love our selection of lovely and functional accessories. These include our sleek grab bars, shower seats, shelves, soap dishes, and Moen fixtures. All these are guaranteed to transform your bathroom space in the best way. Call us at (888) 775-1888 to learn more of our products and services.


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