Everything You Need to Know about Walk-In Bathtubs. . . Explained! Part 3 – What to Look for in a Walk-In Bathtub

For families living with a person with disability or is taking care of an elderly relative, a walk-in bathtub becomes a necessity and not an option. And like many necessities, proper planning and consideration must be taken in order to get the best ones for you and your family. Here are the things you need to consider when looking for a walk-in bathtub for your home.

Wall height

You can choose tubs ranging from 37 to 47 inches tall at the side. The higher the tub, the more difficult it may be for smaller users to access it.


The general width is somewhere between 28 to 32 inches wide, although there are trim kits that can be used to ensure the tub fits your bathroom space. Make sure you get a tub that is wide enough to allow the users to move freely.

Shower seat

The shower seat is usually the same height as a standard chair and has an anti-slip surface. However, you still have to make sure the seat design would feel comfortable to your loved one, especially those with back problems.

Floor texture

While walk-in bathtubs always have a non-slip floor surface, some surfaces provide better traction than others. Check if the tub’s floor is safe for your foot; if possible, have the surface tested while wet.

Grab bars

There should be more than one grab bar in the tub. The location of these bars will depend on whether the user is left- or right-handed, but everything must be easy to reach from a sitting position.

Anti-scald valve

If you’re using water heaters when bathing, there’s always the risk of scalding or burns. An anti-scald valve prevents the water from getting too hot.

Cleaning function

You cannot leave an elderly individual or a person with disability too long inside a tub, so you should look for a tub that can easily be drained after use. Good walk-in bath tubs can be fully drained in around 2-3 minutes although some tubs can drain in as little as 1 1/2 minutes.


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