Everything You Need to Know about Walk-In Bathtubs. . . Explained! Part 1 – What’s So Good about Walk-In Bathtubs?

Have you ever slipped and fell trying to get in or out of your bathtub? It is definitely not the best (and far from the safest) bathroom experience, so you might consider getting a walk-in bathtub. Of course, wanting to avoid such accidents might be enough reason for most people to get a walk-in bathtub, but there are some of us who actually need to have this specific feature in their bathrooms.

For people with disability and the elderly, walk-in bathtubs are a necessity. Conventional tubs and showers make it very difficult for these people to take a bath, especially those who have trouble standing for extended periods or getting up from sitting on the bathroom floor. To make matters worse, the slippery surface of a wet shower areas or bathtubs can pose as a safety hazard, even with shower mats in place.

A safer, hassle-free bathtub

All these things that make conventional showers and tubs problematic for our loved ones with mobility issues, you would not find in walk-in bathtubs! These specialized tubs are designed for those who have difficulty bathing independently and have trouble getting in and out of the shower space or tub.

Here are some of its key advantages:

  • Safer access and exit; no need to climb into the tub
  • Helps prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Handrails on the sides of the bathtub keep users’ heads above water
  • Raises the value of a home, especially if located in or near a retirement community
  • Decreases dependence on others when bathing
  • Consistent water temperature that prevents injuries from water burns or body shock
  • Design is similar to a bathtub but also has a shower option
  • Perfect for families who need to share the bath area with a loved one with mobility issues

While the aforementioned benefits of walk-in bathtubs are generally present regardless of the type, there are still a broad array of features that are unique to each brand or model available.

To get to know more of these parts and features, continue reading and head on to the next part of this three-part blog series on walk-in bathtubs.


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