Design Tips for an Elegant Bathroom

You’ll want your bathroom to be both comfortable and functional, but adding lavish touches can go a long way to improving its visual appeal. With these design tips from your premier bathroom remodeler, Rainbow Bath & Shower, you can make every trip to your bathroom a constant luxury.

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• Choose Metallic Fixtures

Nothing says elegance like the gloss of brass, silver, and chrome. When selecting fixtures for your bath remodel in Muskegon, MI, select ones in metal finishes. Even if their primary function is to control your water sources, your bathroom fixtures are still essential design elements.

• Invest in Polished Surfaces

If you’re aiming for a tranquil, spa-like look for your bathroom, choose materials with polished surfaces like marble, porcelain, and granite. Aside from their lovely gleam, these materials are also easy to clean—a must for a room that you often use. Rather than invest in fabric curtains, use glass for your shower doors instead. Glass offers a sleek look for your bath and does not encourage mildew growth.

• Go for Nature Themes

Employing a natural theme is another surefire way to make an elegant bath. Color your walls in neutral tones like beige, gray, and white for that Zen-like quality, and use natural wood and stone, or bamboo as a prime material. Placing a bit of greenery inside your space is also an excellent choice. If you feel like it’s too plain, try adding wall art or patterned rugs in bright colors to create an interesting contrast.

• Select a Quality Bathtub or Shower

Every wash can be a joy when you invest in a lovely tub or shower for your bath remodeling in Petoskey, MI. The right option can set the mood for relaxation, and Rainbow Bath & Shower can help with this. We offer quality bathtub and shower choices that can inspire the feel of self-indulgence while keeping you safe. For maximum comfort, choose our walk-in tubs with whirlpool, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and heated seats. These are available in a wide selection of colors, styles, and patterns that complement your bath décor. You can also enjoy a sleeker bathroom with our barrier-free showers, which provide a safer and more convenient alternative to a traditional bathtub.

Look no further than Rainbow Bath & Shower for your bath remodeling needs. We can turn your bath into a lovelier, more accessible space with our premium products and expert design team. Fill out our online form today to learn more.


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