Customer Feedback: Why It Should Matter

In every business, customer feedback matters a lot. It allows them to act on certain issues, as well as get motivated by positive reviews. Feedback is important because it’s the most reliable indicator of how well a business is performing. After all, this comes from equally reliable individuals.


As the leading company for bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, MI, Rainbow Bath & Shower values the feedback we get from our clients. From criticisms to compliments, we make it a point to respond to each of your concerns. We look at customer feedback as a tool to help us grow. It helps us evaluate what is working well with our clients and the areas we need to improve on.

Here are ways we make the most of customer feedback.

  • Significance – Rainbow Bath & Shower uses customer feedback to identify the product needs of our customers. We listen to their opinions to determine the specific features they want, especially when we introduce a new product or service. This way, we can focus on these qualities, allowing us to improve the products and services we offer.
  • Identification – Through customer feedback, we examine how our products and services are faring compared with other options. If a customer favors the shower style of another company, it suggests that we need to take our product style to another level. Customer feedback lets us identify the strong and weak points of our products.
  • Function – As much as we value the functionality of our products, we also strive to keep our customers satisfied by offering excellent customer service. Through the feedback we get, we’ll know if our staff are able to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

For your bath remodel in Traverse City, MI, and the surrounding regions, trust Rainbow Bath & Shower. We have been a member of GuildQuality since 2013. Their innovative customer-surveying platform helps us deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. Through GuildQuality’s help, we can review each feedback carefully.

We stay true to our commitment to our clients. This is reflective on our efforts to continue improving our products and services. To learn more about the services we provide, call us now at (888) 775-1888.


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