3 Great Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom Better

The bathroom is where you go to relax, unwind, and wash away the cares and worries of the day away. Your bathroom should be a place of harmony, tranquility, and comfort. If your bathroom needs to be more functional and accessible, or has room for improvement, then check our bathroom… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Remodeler

The bathroom is one of the parts of a home that has been part of so much transformation over the years. It has turned from simply a place for hygienic purposes in to a more personal space for relaxation. Regardless of your bathroom’s purpose, you will need the right people… Read More »

5 Ways Rainbow Bath & Shower Can Change Your Life

When life gets so hectic, it sometimes feels impossible to relax. Take a moment to relive that moment when you felt most peaceful. When was the last time you felt that way? Recreate that same feeling at home with the help of Rainbow Bath & Shower.

Infographics: Dangerous Bathtub Slips and How they Can Be Avoided

What can cause a bathtub accident and how can they be avoided? Check out this infographic and learn more about avoiding nasty bathtub slips.

Walk-in Tubs and Showers: Their Advantages

If you want your bathing experience safer and more comfortable, walk-in tubs and showers offer great solutions. These greatly benefit homeowners, particularly aging seniors and people with mobility issues. With walk-in tubs and showers, you can prevent the mishaps usually involved with entering and exiting traditional bathtubs and shower stalls.

Four Accessories to Transform Your Bathroom

Homeowners know that when it comes to enhancing a room, all you need are great accessories. As it’s one of the rooms in the house you’ll use frequently, your bathroom is no exception. You’d want to make this room as lovely and comfortable as possible.

3 Efficient and Smart Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

There are many ways to design a bathroom depending on the needs of the homeowner. If you are looking for an efficient and smart design, rely on Rainbow Bath & Shower. We offer complete services that will increase the overall functionality of your bath area.

Everything You Need to Know about Walk-In Bathtubs. . . Explained! Part 3 – What to Look for in a Walk-In Bathtub

For families living with a person with disability or is taking care of an elderly relative, a walk-in bathtub becomes a necessity and not an option. And like many necessities, proper planning and consideration must be taken in order to get the best ones for you and your family. Here… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know about Walk-In Bathtubs. . . Explained! Part 2 – How Does a Walk-In Bathtub Work?

We now know that a walk-in bathtub is great for people having trouble moving around, but what makes them amazing in the first place? We are now going to explain the parts that make it up and how it works.

Infographics: Elderly-Friendly Bathroom

Check out this infographic to learn how you can make your home more elderly-friendly with some essential bathroom additions and custom enhancements.


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