The Benefits of Installing No-Threshold Showers

Numerous bathroom remodeling trends and ideas emerge each year. To know which of these can improve your bath effectively, it’s advisable to research on each. One trend that continuous to grab the attention of homeowners is the low-threshold or no-threshold shower....

Design Your Bathroom Right: Things to Consider

Bathrooms are among the most challenging areas in the home to design. While it may seem easy to get everything you need in place, it’s difficult to maximize the available space and storage. Whether you’re planning your bathroom for your new home or just want to...

Bath Upgrade: Reasons to Install a Walk-In Tub

Taking a bath is often difficult for people with mobility issues. They can slip or fall easily, especially that bathrooms often have smooth surfaces. You can prevent any accident in your bathroom by utilizing a walk-in tub. With its unique safety features, it can meet...

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Bath Remodeler

Like most home improvement projects, a bath remodel involves significant time and money. For this reason, make sure that your choice of contractors can effectively provide the expert and professional service your home deserves. Delegate your bath remodel in Rockford,...

Make Your Bathtub Beautiful with Our Bathwraps

We can make your bathroom more functional and attractive by installing our quality bathwraps. Bathwraps are a quick and effective way to restore your bathtub to pristine condition. They also allow you to install several useful accessories for increased accessibility....

4 Functional Design Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom

With the right design, a small bathroom can look spacious. Many homes today feature a bathroom with limited space, which is why homeowners are looking for practical solutions to make it more functional. If you’re planning on a bath remodel in Muskegon, MI, Rainbow...

5 Ideal Accessories for Your Bathroom

To improve the look of your home, it’s important to incorporate components that complement its design. The style of your windows, for instance, needs to match your home’s traditional or contemporary architecture. Another solution would be adding accessories and...

3 Design Ideas for a Great Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most commonly used rooms in a home, bathrooms serve as a place to relax. It’s no surprise that the National Association of Home Builders consistently finds the area as the most remodeled room in America. If you’re looking to start anew, Rainbow Bath &...

4 Things to Expect During a Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom stands as one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the one room you will always use daily. There are many great upgrades you can introduce to make this area even better. If you’re going for a bathroom remodeling, check our Rainbow Bath &...

4 Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

There is something alluring about the freshness of walk-in showers. They’re classy, safe for residents of all ages, and very easy to clean. In fact, over 60% of respondents to a survey by the American Institute of Architects agreed that walk-in showers are growing in...

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