Walk-In Tubs: What You Should Know about Them

walk-in tub in new remodel - Featured image: walk in tubs: what you should know about them

One problem with traditional bathtubs is that the elderly and people with mobility issues find it difficult to use. The potential for a mishap is too great. Walk-in bathtubs are an easy and convenient solution to this problem, with a special design that allows for easy access from the side.

3 Reasons You Can Survive Your Bathroom Remodel

wrench, mallet, and shower head

Although a bathroom remodel is always worth the time and effort, homeowners tend to struggle with adjusting their lives around the project.  This is especially true if the home has only one bath. That  said, it’s entirely possible to take the stress out of the equation.

3 Bathroom Areas That Make for Good Storage Spaces

remodeled bathroom with corner fixture tub and his-and-hers sinks

Proper storage is one of the keys to making your bathroom truly relaxing. If your bath is full of unnecessary clutter, it would be harder to de-stress and lift your mood.

3 Great Ideas for Heavenly Modern Baths

modern bathroom remodel - oval fixtures

Your bathroom should be the most blissful place in your home. Besides your bedroom, it’s the one place where you can enter tired and emerge completely rejuvenated. For it to be your real private heaven, however, you have to design it thoughtfully.

3 Things to Consider when Choosing Walk-In Tubs

walk in tub with stainless door trim

A walk-in bathtub is fast becoming a necessity in the household. Walk-in bathtubs provide user-friendly features that eliminate hazards, reducing the risks common in standard bathtubs.

Pro Talk: Top Questions for Your Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom remodeling is a popular project that requires professional help. If you hire the right one, you can ensure a more functional and beautiful bath for your home. Rainbow Bath & Shower answers these frequently asked questions so you’ll know why we are your ideal bathroom remodeler:

Bathroom Planning Tips from the Pros

If your bathroom is looking a bit outdated, it’s time to plan a remodeling project. Upgrading your bathroom can help improve its function and beauty. Rainbow Bath & Showers suggests these tips to make planning easier:

Freestanding Vs. Built-In Tub: Which One Should You Choose?

Your bathroom should be a place of solitude, which is why you should choose the right tub that fits your needs and preferences. Freestyle and built-in are two of the most popular options today. Rainbow Bath & Shower talks about their features so you can determine which one is better… Read More »

5 Handy Tips to Help You Prepare for a Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom is a huge task that can sometimes be time consuming, costly, and overwhelming. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be such an exhausting process. You can lower stress, minimize expenses, and stay on schedule by simply planning ahead.

5 Tips to Enhance the Safety and Look of Your Bathroom

striking blue and white tile in an elegant remodeled bathroom

Like other design projects in your home, bathroom design has changed dramatically over the years. No longer the plain-looking, utilitarian spaces of yesteryears, bathrooms are now comfortable and stylish areas that serve as personal retreats. As such, homeowners are more invested in improving the look of their bathrooms.


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