Investing in Bathwraps is one of the best ways to preserve the beauty and function of your bathroom for a long time. This acrylic product can help prevent slips and the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. At Rainbow Bath and Shower, we can bring more value to your bath remodel in Rockford, MI with our Bathwraps. Here are some of the things this solution does:

Eliminating the Need to Replace Old Tiles

If your old tiles are still in great shape, covering them with Bathwraps makes more financial sense than replacing them altogether. From your shower pans to walls, this advanced acrylic solution will protect and keep your bathroom ceramic tiles in superb condition for the years to come. Bathwraps are non-porous, which means water can’t penetrate through them. They’re extremely versatile to fit any bath configuration.

Causing Virtually No Disruption

Generally, it only takes about one to two days to install Bathwraps. Compared with a major makeover, this solution will expedite your bath remodel in Allendale, MI. Although our team can certainly finish the job fast, you can rest assured that we’ll carry out your project with excellence. In just 48 hours, we can bring back the integrity of your bath. Bathwraps are designed to last forever, so don’t expect the need to revamp your bathroom in a while.

Adding More Years to Your Tiles

Without Bathwraps, your perfectly good ceramic tiles might not stay perfectly good for long. As the water could seep into the grout, it’s only a matter of time before one tile loosens after another. As an experienced bathroom contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, we recommend Bathwraps to avoid the stress and cost related to bath tile replacement. The fewer flaws your ceramic tiles have, the better to install this acrylic solution immediately.

When it comes to bathroom solutions, consult Rainbow Bath and Shower. Call us now at (844) 203-9777, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.