Barrier Free Shower: Low Threshold

Low-threshold showers are a great upgrade for those who have mobility issues. Low-threshold showers only have just a small lip to step over. Compared to a traditional bathtub, the lip is minuscule. This allows those who do have mobility issues just a simple step, for easy access in and out of the shower.

In addition to being mobility friendly, low-threshold showers just simply look good. A low-threshold shower will provide your bathroom with a sleek contemporary look. Additionally, a low-threshold shower will make your bathroom feel more open. The array of design options allow you to truly customize your shower. From granite to quartz, to marble tile options are nearly endless. There are also different varieties of porcelain tiles that sit at a lower price point compared to natural stone tiles. Either way, they both provide an updated, clean, and modern look to your bathroom.

Low-threshold showers also provide convenience when it concerns cleaning. Without the different curves, corners, and crevices that come with a traditional tub, a low-threshold shower has less surface space to clean. The surrounds have no grout, which also contributes to an easier clean. Low-threshold showers truly only require an occasional wipe down with a mild cleanser.


There are many options to available with your low threshold shower. Beyond concerns of color and style, practical features for the mobility-conscious customer include

  • Folding or fixed shower seats
  • Soap dishes and shelves at usable heights and locations
  • Safety grab¬†bars positioned for easy transitions
  • Shower heads

Low Threshold Shower Bathroom Remodel  Low Threshold Shower Bathroom Remodel


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