Like other design projects in your home, bathroom design has changed dramatically over the years. No longer the plain-looking, utilitarian spaces of yesteryears, bathrooms are now comfortable and stylish areas that serve as personal retreats. As such, homeowners are more invested in improving the look of their bathrooms.

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More than just boosting the appeal of the bathroom, it’s also important to prioritize safety. As the leading bathroom contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, we provide products that can beautify your bath without compromising safety. Here are five simple bath design tips from Rainbow Bath & Shower:

1. Install grab bars – By placing them near your toilet or shower enclosure, you can add a touch of style while improving safety. Grab bars provide accessibility, helping you maintain your balance when you stand up from the toilet or walk out the shower area.

2. Incorporate shelves in the design – They can help you maximize the available space in your bath. Through this, you can save space and keep your bathroom organized. Our quality shelves can house scrubs, towels, and other essentials. This makes them one of the smartest additions to any bath remodel in Rockford, MI.

3. Use shower seats – They can provide ease of movement and comfort, especially when standing up in your shower becomes a struggle. Rainbow Bath and Shower installs customized shower seats that will complement your design.

4. Add soap dishes – If your bathroom wall is plain looking, consider installing soap dishes. They are one of the most functional accessories, as they help prevent soaps from slipping while adding style to your wall.

5. Utilize necessary accessories and features – Moen is the most reliable brand for bathroom accessories and fixtures. Include our Moen fixtures in your next bath remodel in Allendale, MI, to make sure you have the best bath solutions. We offer Moen products, such as faucets, shower and spa, and other important components.

When it comes to quality bathroom products and services, Rainbow Bath and Shower is the name you can trust. Learn more about us by calling (844) 203-9777. You may also schedule a FREE consultation by filling out our request form.