If you’re looking to invest in a bathroom remodel, planning out your project in advance can guarantee long-term satisfaction. Bathroom upgrade projects can be quite expensive, but with proper planning and budgeting, you’ll enjoy great returns on investment for years to come.

Bathroom Upgrade

While stylish and fancy items might seem like ideal options for your bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, MI, it’s important to focus on high-quality products that will last. Furthermore, don’t forget to choose the design and colors that suit your taste. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, Rainbow Bath and Shower offers these tips to make your upgrade a success:

  1. Determine the Estimated Costs – Planning your budget doesn’t only leave a big impact in the type of materials you will install. It also helps set the boundaries of your design. Knowing how much you can really afford will make it easier for you to decide which components to replace and where you need to be creative.
  2. Improve Your Lighting – Poorly lit bathrooms can look and feel small, not to mention plain. There are several ways to let light into your space during your bath remodel in Traverse City, MI. One is to install big windows with frosted glass panes. You might also want to look for different lighting styles and strengths to help balance out the room’s mood.
  3. Complement Your Space – Some homeowners think that having a small bathroom means that a bathtub should not be in their options. What they don’t know is that some manufacturers have been producing bathtubs that can accommodate little spaces. For instance, you can purchase our top-quality walk-in tubs or bathtub replacements that are available in different sizes.
  4. Consider a Tub to Shower Conversion – Converting your rarely used bathtub into a shower is an excellent idea when planning for a bath remodeling in Grand Rapids, MI. It can be cost-effective, as it would make use of an existing space and you wouldn’t have to reroute your plumbing.

If you need help planning your next bathroom upgrade project, you can always turn to Rainbow Bath and Shower. We provide the necessary products and services to ensure top-of-the-line results. Get in touch with us today by calling (844) 203-9777. You can also complete our contact form to schedule a FREE consultation.