A walk-in bathtub is fast becoming a necessity in the household. Walk-in bathtubs provide user-friendly features that eliminate hazards, reducing the risks common in standard bathtubs.

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The process of choosing a bathtub fit for the family can be difficult, but Rainbow Bath and Shower, the leader in bathroom remodeling in Grand Rapids, MI, since 1987, shares three things to look for when choosing a walk-in bathtub:

Safety Features

Unknown to many, walk-in bathtubs have a lot of safety features. For instance, our solutions have low thresholds, grab bars, soft seat cushions, lap and shoulder belts, disinfection systems, therapeutic water jets, hand-held showers, and several other options. Our thoughtful designs allow all members of your family, especially the elderly, to not only bathe safely, but also conveniently.

In addition, our expertise in customization makes our bathtubs in Grand Rapids, MI, trump traditional tubs. This way, we can personalize your accessories based on your individual needs.

Long-Lasting Quality

As you might only remodel your bathroom once or twice in your life, you want solutions that last. Other than outstanding products, you should also go with a contractor that has proven to deliver best-in-class services consistently.

Our company has been around for nearly 30 years. Our wealth of experience is a testimony of the high level of quality we bring to the table. In any of our remodels, we don’t only consider your current needs, but your future requirements as well. We want your new bathroom to be relevant to your lifestyle for many years.

Furthermore, every walk-in tub in Grand Rapids, MI we install is 100% American-made. When it comes to quality, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly what you pay for. We offer a variety of choices too, from colors to designs, giving you the power to pick the best solutions that suit your taste and budget. Best of all, our certified installers are committed to ensuring you’re satisfied with your new bathroom fixtures.

Lifetime Warranty

At Rainbow Bath and Shower, we know that a new bathtub, or any bathroom fixture, is a huge investment. This is why you need to go with solutions covered by a comprehensive warranty to add more value for your money. For that, we offer a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. Under the right conditions, our guarantee means that your remodel is covered for years to come.

Make your bathroom safer and more functional for the entire family. Call us now at (616) 226-8599, and tell us how you’d like your new bathtub.