Your bathroom should be the most blissful place in your home. Besides your bedroom, it’s the one place where you can enter tired and emerge completely rejuvenated. For it to be your real private heaven, however, you have to design it thoughtfully.

modern bathroom design ideas

As the authority in bathroom remodeling in Petoskey, MI, Rainbow Bath and Shower is thrilled to share with you a couple of ideas to make your modern bath look and feel neat and relaxing. Here are some things you should consider:

Embrace Minimalism

Since contemporary baths are all about simplicity, you can never go wrong with a minimalist design. Regardless of the size, your bathroom must always be clutter-free. Instead of getting everything in display, you smartly hide them out of sight with sleek cabinetry. Even your toiletries and novelty items must be stored at all times to maintain your clean design.

If you want to make your space interesting without compromising this feel, pick geometric shapes for your tile and backsplash in your bath remodel in Muskegon, MI. These details add character to your personal oasis without breaking the rules of minimalism.

Add Greenery

Nothing makes bathrooms more soothing than inviting Mother Nature in. Having ornamentals and flowers helps create a positive ambience to your space; psychology tells us that houseplants improve your mood. The vibrant colors of plants would also pop beautifully in your generally neutral bathroom palette.

Use a Freestanding Tub

Like islands in contemporary kitchens, freestanding tubs are a popular element in modern bathrooms. The key is balance to ensure your tub would blend perfectly with other fixtures. When planning your bath remodel in Petoskey, MI, make sure your freestanding tub is strategically placed. Pick a pedestal or rectangular tub instead of a traditional oval-shaped one for a more modern feel.

Rainbow Bath and Shower never runs out of creative ideas to make bathrooms unique and heavenly. If you want more doses of inspiration or have a design concept you want to discuss, call us now at (844) 203-9777. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life.