Proper storage is one of the keys to making your bathroom truly relaxing. If your bath is full of unnecessary clutter, it would be harder to de-stress and lift your mood.

bathroom with tile floor

As the leader in bath remodeling in Grand Rapids, MI, Rainbow Bath and Shower wants to share some tips for gaining more storage space, especially in your small bathroom. On top of the usual, here are often overlooked areas you could use:

Forgotten Space above the Toilet

The wall space above your toilet is a great spot to hold cabinets and stacked shelves. Use it to keep your toiletry supplies and fresh towels. Slim or not, maximizing this area is a smart way to organize your tiny bath. In addition, you could put a small basket on top of your toilet tank. Instead of placing a rack on the floor for your reading materials, this spot would keep them clean and dry no matter what.

The Back of the Door

If you’ve never done it before, turn the back of your door into a towel rack for your next bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, MI. The full-height of your fixture could accommodate all towels of that bath’s regular users, saving your limited wall space for other storage units.

Between hooks and bars, we suggest the latter. Towels hanging from hooks may look dramatic, but they tend not to dry out and stay fresh longer compared to when they’re lying flat.

Unused Area below the Sink

The sink space is a clever choice for storage because it hits two birds with one stone: de-cluttering your bath and hiding the unsightly pipework. The challenge, however, is to pick the right piece of furniture to fit into that awkward area.

You should also make sure that the storage units you place there are easily movable. They shouldn’t be a pain to relocate just in case the plumber needs to work there. These details should be taken into account when planning your bath remodel in Traverse City, MI.

Discover more ways to make your personal oasis stylish, functional, and clutter-free. Call Rainbow Bath and Shower now at (844) 203-9777 and let’s get your project started.